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Rob “The Wine Guy” Benfield from Swanton, Ohio has been making wine for about 20 years. Rob started his winemaking as a gesture of love for his wife of 25 years, Julia, and their friends. After encouragement from friends and family, the Benfield’s decided to turn this pastime into a family business.

What began as a small passion project has turned into a thriving winery business. Benfield Wines started their business with a 140 square foot sunroom in their home 8 years ago and have since expanded to the historic 9,000 square foot Pilliod Opera House in downtown Swanton. The opera house, built in 1896, is being carefully restored by the Benfield's and is the winery's production facility, tasting room, and event space.

Rob takes great pride in his hands-on approach to winemaking. They source their grapes from vineyards in California and carefully create unique and delicious wines. The Benfield family continues to grow their business and share their passion for winemaking with their community. Whether you're a wine connoisseur or a casual sipper, a visit to Benfield Wines is a must-try experience.

In addition to their fantastic wines, Benfield Wines also offers a great selection of other beverages to enjoy. Their Local Craft Beer selection features some of the best brews from the surrounding area. For those looking for a frozen treat, the adult slushies are a perfect choice, with a variety of delicious flavors available. Bourbon lovers will be pleased with the extensive selection of premium bourbons available in the tasting room. Whether you're a wine lover or prefer something different, Benfield Wines has something for everyone to enjoy.

Winner in the Readers Choice Awards at M-Living 2021

Runner-up in the 2019 Best of Toledo Awards.

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